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Wilmington NC Water Damage Restoration

APR Restoration & Commercial Development provides extensive water damage restoration services in Wilmington and along North Carolina’s coastline. APR Wilmington Restoration covers every aspect of water damage mitigation and recovery, starting with a detailed assessment, cost estimate and insurance company interface, continuing with the extraction and removal of water and damaged items, moving to professional drying & dehumidification, including sanitizing, cleaning and mold remediation, and concluding with full restoration of the existing structure to its pre-water damage state. This step can include repairs, renovation and even replacement of walls, ceilings and flooring when necessary.

APR Restoration Wilmington’s IIRC-certified team of experienced water damage restoration experts serves residential and commercial customers in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Beach, Carolina Beach, Oak Island, Ocean Isle, Shallotte, Holden Beach and surrounding communities. Whether the cause of your water damage stems from burst or frozen pipes, leaking appliances and household items such as toilets, dishwashers and washing machines, defective water tanks, or natural disasters such as thunderstorms, hurricanes and tropical storms, APR Restoration Wilmington is here to serve you through every step of the process.

Wilmington NC Water Damage Restoration Process — Repair

At the first sign of water damage of any kind, contact APR Restoration Wilmington’s 24/7 emergency response service at 1-877-942-7762. Our team is well positioned to move quickly. We assess your situation and initiate the cleanup process of removing the water and water-logged contents from your premises that allows the drying and recovery to begin.

APR Restoration Raleigh utilizes a full range of products such as wet vacs, heavy-duty industrial fans, pumps, air circulation devices and water extraction tools to get water completely removed from the premises, as well as from upholstery that may be sanitized from a remote location. Water absorption is an especially major concern with items such as carpets, chairs & couches and even floorboards and walls. Getting water fully extracted and materials completely dried and sanitized is a must, to prevent mold and other airborne risks to your health and property. APR Restoration Wilmington’s water damage restoration professionals are fully-trained and totally committed to restoring your property to a safe and stable environment.

Wilmington NC Water Damage Restoration Process — Recovery

Once the cleaning & sanitization process is complete, APR Restoration Wilmington shifts to full recovery mode. We utilize our expertise in commercial building construction to deliver an unparalleled result. Our efforts will mirror your requirements, from fundamental cleaning, all the way to complete demolition and reconstruction. You can count on the craftsmanship of the APR Restoration Wilmington organization to work with you from start to finish. If your situation requires new carpet installation and repair or refurnishing of items such as chairs, tables and cabinets, or extends all the way to replacement flooring, walls, paneling or ceiling, APR Restoration & Commercial Development is equal to the task. One call does it all . . . there’s no need to hire one company for mitigation and a second for recovery.

Causes & Signs of Water Damage in Wilmington NC

Unfortunately, water damage can be a very common occurrence in residences and commercial settings throughout North Carolina. Floods, torrential storms and compromised bodies of water are examples that often come to mind first. However, more typical are the burst pipes and frozen pipes that are the frequent source of massive damage in a short amount of time. Appliances and household items including hot water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets and faucets can occasionally be more difficult to detect. Heavy downpours can also make their way into exposed cracks in walls, ceilings, attics and basements.

It’s important to contact a professional water damage restoration company like APR Restoration Wilmington any time you experience water loss – even when the damage appears to be minor. Mold flourishes in damp, warm and dark environments – especially in places like carpets, flooring, furnishings, walls and ceilings. Even if a surface is dry to the touch, it may be harboring mold that can ultimately damage your property and threaten your health.

Beyond obvious evidence of standing water, there are other tell-tale indicators of mold in your residence or commercial building. They can include . . .

– Musty odors that are evident when you first enter a room or specific area
– Frequent signs of moisture around pipes and appliances
– Evidence of stains or damage in ceilings, walls, wallpaper and flooring
– Walls that are damp to the touch
– Consistent signs of humidity and condensation inside the building
– Increased presence of respiration problems
– Sudden, unanticipated increases in your water bill

The team at APR Restoration Wilmington knows how to uncover and resolve water damage of all types and sizes, from cleanup to full restoration. Call us at 1-877-942-7762 for service.