This week, March 1-7 2020, Women in Construction are globally recognized and celebrated. Construction has always been a male dominated industry even now women only make up about 10% of construction jobs and of that small percentage about 83% are sales and office positions. So when a woman bucks the trend and works in the field as a tradesperson, construction manager or technician we all seem to take notice. 

Here at APR Restoration we have one such woman, Brenda Clark from the Wilmington office! 

Brenda Clark: APR East Mitigation Manager

Brenda Clark: APR East Mitigation Manager

Brenda started working in restoration late in 2006 as a temp cleaning a fire job. She liked the work and was willing to work hard. Her work ethic and attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed and she was hired full time after just a few weeks. Once Brenda was hired full-time she was drawn to the work of water mitigation. No amount of discouragement from management or co-workers deterred Brenda from training to work in water mitigation. 

She recalls, “I saw an opportunity for myself and kept telling them I wanted to be on the water team. I was told that because I am a woman, I had to learn how to load and unload the equipment into vehicles without hurting myself. A co-worker my age started to show me how to work with and move the equipment. I followed him around like a puppy dog learning everything he was willing to teach me!  When I could work with the equipment I went back to the boss, I was ready. He said he would try me out to see how it went, the rest is history! I’m still doing water mitigation, mold remediation and fire mitigation. I work long and hard hours but I have HEART and I care about the people I serve.” Brenda has been promoted through the ranks and is now a Mitigation Manager and has led the department since APR East opened its doors  with the same drive and determination she showed back when she first came to this industry. Her beloved clients often mistake her for the company owner! She’s competent, skilled and confident in her job! 

President of APR Restoration East Branch, Wesley Daniels, says, “Few people I have met have the commitment and work ethic of Brenda; she is a huge reason our team here has been successful from day one.  She is the first on the job and last to leave and has a smile the whole time.”

We tip our hard hats to you Brenda, we are lucky to have you in our team. You are a shining example of why we celebrate Women in Construction!